Unit Aware Calculations in Excel

Every engineer knows that for the results of engineering calculations to be correct, the units of the input values must be correct. In the case of a calculation like F=ma, the units must be consistent with each other (e.g. N, kg, m/s^2) and in the case of a unit-specific calculation like P=Tn/5252, the equation requires …

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Trigonometric Functions in Excel

Excel contains a variety of trigonometric functions: Basic functions Hyperbolic functions Inverse functions Miscellaneous SIN SINH ASIN PI() COS COSH ACOS RADIANS TAN TANH ATAN DEGREES SEC SECH ASINH CSC CSCH ACOSH COT COTH ATANH The inverse functions are those usually denoted with a superscript -1 in math (i.e. ASIN is the Excel function for …

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Save and Load Excel Solver Models

If you’ve used solver before, you’ve noticed that every time you close out the Solver dialog and reopen, your settings are preserved. This is handy because it allows us to quickly test and tune the model without having to reenter all the information again. However, what if you want to make a significant change to …

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