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Excel Tutorials

Curve Fitting and Regression

Curve Fitting in Excel

I’ve discussed linear regression on this blog before, but quite often a straight line is not the best way to represent your data. For these


Linear Interpolation in Excel

To perform linear interpolation in Excel,  use the FORECAST function to interpolate between two pairs of x- and y-values directly. In the example below, the

Latest Engineering Articles

Material Behavior in Engineering
Fluid Mechanics

Colebrook-White Equation

The Colebrook-White Equation (or simply Colebrook Equation) is an engineering equation used to approximate the Darcy friction factor (or Darcy-Weisbach friction factor) for turbulent flow

Students Reviews

Marcio Maciel
Mechanical Engineer
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Awesome Excel classes !! I used Excel for years and I learn a lot of details during the step by step explanation that I've never heard about before.
Mike Kardash
Engineering Manager
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Excel courses typically highlight general features of the program or how to apply it to financial or general topics. EngineerExcel is unique in that it applies excel to engineering topics in a unique and real way that open up the program to many more uses and applications of engineering knowledge. Many of the of the lesser known but very powerful capabilities of Excel are thus brought to light. Much appreciated.
Russell Pickett
Senior Engineer
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An excellent course in utilizing EXCEL in applications without having to look in many places. Show and tell videos the BEST. For me naming variables, spreadsheet layout, good colors, goal seek and SOLVER applications, conversion of graphs to tables then to mathematical formulas are my biggest upsides in using EXCEL
Christian Andersson
Process Engineer
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Thank you very much for an awesome course. You have really managed to fit a tremendous amount of tips, techniques, and productivity boosts into the training. I very much enjoyed it and some of the tools are true game changers and applications that I have really been wanting for a looong time. Also I think it is super-nice that almost every lessons can be applied to your work directly. Finally, great that you use applications from various fields of engineering and not just your own specialty. It makes the training accessible for both electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers. So, thank you! I will make good use of the knowledge you have shared!
Derek D.
Design Engineer
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After working through the program, I gained confidence with advanced functions and know that I will increase productivity when doing various calculations for projects at work. The progressive format gave me the ability to work at my own pace. Course content is delivered in a way that is easy to understand and apply, and the option to work alongside the videos in excel worksheets makes it a hands-on learning experience.
Jamison H.
Design Engineer
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Taking the course showed me how many useful tools and features in Excel that I was not using or not using to their full potential. The videos walked me through the fundamentals and shortcuts up through the most complicated parts of Excel. The instructor is very concise and easy to understand while the on-screen key guides make sure you know what is being typed on the keyboard. Overall I thought the videos were amazing and I learned a lot of things in Excel that I didn’t know existed or how I was half using the tools wrong. I would recommend these videos to any level user of Excel!
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