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Awesome Excel classes !! I used Excel for years and I learn a lot of details during the step by step explanation that I've never heard about before.

Marcio Maciel // Mechanical Engineer

Excel courses typically highlight general features of the program or how to apply it to financial or general topics. EngineerExcel is unique in that it applies excel to engineering topics in a unique and real way that open up the program to many more uses and applications of engineering knowledge. Many of the of the lesser known but very powerful capabilities of Excel are thus brought to light. Much appreciated.

Mike Kardash // Engineering Manager

An excellent course in utilizing EXCEL in applications without having to look in many places. Show and tell videos the BEST. For me naming variables, spreadsheet layout, good colors, goal seek and SOLVER applications, conversion of graphs to tables then to mathematical formulas are my biggest upsides in using EXCEL

Russell Pickett // Senior Engineer