Do you ever feel like Excel could be a really powerful engineering tool, if only you could just learn all of its ins and outs?

Even though it’s the best tool engineers can use for performing calculations and analyzing data, deep-level Excel knowledge typically isn’t taught in school.

Most engineers are expected to “pick it up” as they go. But as you probably know, busy engineers don’t have a lot of time to figure out new techniques when they are just trying to keep their heads above water.

As a result, many engineers only have a surface-level proficiency with Excel.

And that’s a shame, because Excel can be a powerful and versatile engineering tool.

The exceptional engineers I know have mastered it and use it to:

  • Solve Challenging Engineering Problems
  • Get More Done, Faster
  • Add Value to Their Engineering Team

I want to help you maximize the potential of Excel so that you can do the same!

About EngineerExcel.com

Hi! My name is Charlie Young.

I’m a licensed Professional Engineer and the founder of EngineerExcel.com. My background is in mechanical engineering.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with state-of-the art engineering tools for finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and system modelling but I continue to find (like you probably have as well) that Excel is the most important and versatile tool for engineering.

Over the course of my career, I’ve assembled a toolkit of Excel techniques for engineering that I want to share with you.

EngineerExcel was born when I realized that all the techniques I had refined, tested, and verified through more than a decade of experience in Excel could help other engineers who either simply weren’t aware of them or didn’t have the time to figure them out on their own.


I’ve been honored with an award at an international technical conference for an engineering model I’ve built in Excel, but I’m most proud of the opportunity I’ve had to help other engineers through this site. Below is just a sample of what others have had to say:

“First let me tell you what an excellent source you are. Good job.” – Mark S.

“Thanks for the website. It’s great to see an engineer demonstrate what can be done with Excel.” – Peter M.

“I was amazed at the usefulness of the tips you presented. I could employ them immediately!” – Tim C.

Get to Know Me

Engineering and Excel are both great, but they aren’t the most important things in life. When I’m not thinking about either of those topics, I love spending time with my amazing wife and three (soon to be four!) kids.

I also enjoy old cars, racing, and building pretty much anything. (What can I say, I have a hard time picking one hobby!) 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and if you haven’t yet, sign up to download my free ebook and receive tons of other great Excel techniques for engineers that you can apply immediately.

Best Regards,

Charlie Young P.E.

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By Charlie Young, P.E.

Take your engineering to the next level with advanced Excel skills.