W8x28 Beam Specifications

W8x28 is a rolled structural beam with wide flanges that is used in construction and other applications.

W8x28 Beam Size and Dimensions

The dimensions and specifications of this structural steel beam are below:

Depth8.06 in
Width6.54 in
Area8.3 in2
Weight28 lb/ft
Web Thickness0.29 in
Flange Thickness0.47 in
Area Moment of Inertia96.4 in4
Elastic Section Modulus24 in3

W8x28 Profile

W8x28 beam specifications

The depth of W8x28 beams may vary by 1/8” above and below the nominal value.

The flange width may vary by 1/4” above nominal and 3/16” below nominal. Flanges may be out of square by as much as 5/16”.

The distance from the center of the web to the center of the profile may be no greater than 3/16”.

The radii of fillets and toes for W-beams are not specified. Instead, these dimensions are left up to individual manufacturers.

W8x28 Weight

Wide flange beams are designated by their depth x weight. The W8x28 designation indicates that the beam weighs 28 pounds per foot. A 10-foot section of W8x28 would weigh 280 pounds and a 50-foot section of W8x28 would weigh 1,400 pounds.

W8x28 Conversion to Metric

The metric equivalent to W8x28 is W200x41.7. This metric beam has the following specifications:

Depth205 mm
Width166 mm
Area5320 mm2
Weight41.7 kg/m
Web Thickness7.2 mm
Flange Thickness11.8 mm

W8x28 Section Properties

W8x28 Area Moment of Inertia

The area moment of inertia (or second moment area) for a W8x28 beam about the x-axis (perpendicular to the flange) can be calculated from the equation below:

W8x28 area moment of inertia

The area moment of inertia of the W8x28 profile about the x-axis is approximately 96.4 in4.

W8x28 Section Modulus

The elastic section modulus for a W8x28 beam about the X-axis is calculated from the following equation:

W8x28 Section Modulus

The elastic section modulus for the W8x28 profile about the X-axis is approximately 24 in3.

W8x28 Properties

The properties of W8x28 beams are specified by ASTM A6 “Standard Specifications for Rolled Structural Steel Bars, Plates, Shapes and Sheet Piling”

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