Pump Efficiency Explained

Pumps are used to facilitate fluid movement in a wide range of applications including water distribution, HVAC, and manufacturing systems. Given their critical role in fluid transport and distribution, it is essential to optimize pump efficiency during system design and operation, as it directly impacts the system’s total energy consumption, operating costs, and environmental impact. …

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Hoop Stress Derivation Explained

Cylindrical or spherical vessels are frequently utilized in industries as boilers or tanks for storing pressurized fluids. Because of the pressure inside and outside of the vessel, the vessel material experiences loading from all directions. Hoop Stress Derivation When a vessel is subjected to internal and external pressure, the resulting normal stresses are functions of …

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Vapor Pressure of Water Explained

As heat is applied to water (or any other liquid), the water will transition to steam. This vapor will exert pressure, and the point at which the pressure exerted by the water vapor is the same as the ambient pressure is called the boiling point. Therefore, with different ambient environments, the vapor pressure will be …

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Hooke’s Law: A Complete Guide

Hooke’s Law is a fundamental principle in physics that describes the behavior of spring and elastic materials, particularly how they deform in response to an applied force. The law is named after the English physicist Robert Hooke, who first proposed it in the 17th century. This article provides a complete guide to Hooke’s Law, including …

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Galvanic Corrosion [with Chart]

Galvanic corrosion describes a process in which two (or more) dissimilar metals are used together, resulting in a corrosive process. A common application that may experience galvanic corrosion is using an attachment, such as a bolt, that is of a different metal than the primary structure, such as a beam. Cause Of Galvanic Corrosion Often, …

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