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EngineerExcel Academy

Get the step-by-step training, advice, and support you need to quickly and accurately solve challenging engineering problems in Excel.


Get unlimited access to the entire EngineerExcel video course library.


Connect with a community of like-minded engineers to boost your learning.


Real-time mastery-building practice files and a plug-and-play VBA code library.

You need purpose-built guidance to maximize Excel for engineering so that you can boost your engineering career.

Struggling to Get Excel to Work for Engineering?

You’re not alone. Many engineers battle Excel every day because they lack the specialized capabilities they truly need. No matter how many hours spent Googling random fixes or watching generic YouTube tutorials, you feel stuck against the same frustrating roadblocks:

Reporting flawed results that put major projects at risk: Without key capabilities, your critical spreadsheets might provide erroneous results that cost millions and call into question your technical expertise among leadership.

Missing out on career-elevating special assignments and rapid promotions: As peers utilize advanced skills like regression tools and VBA that you lack, they get tapped for the best projects while your career stagnates.

Lacking efficiency with manual processes: Simple calculations take hours longer than they should as you wrestle with Excel’s limitations, putting you further behind and impacting your work-life balance.

The missing piece? Unlocking Excel’s true capabilities for engineering so it can finally provide robust reliability and efficiency. But online piecemeal resources keep leading nowhere…

If you’re tired of just coping with limited Excel skills that are stalling your engineering career, there’s a proven way forward…

Introducing EngineerExcel Academy Pro

Get the step-by-step training, advice, and support you need to quickly and accurately solve challenging engineering problems in Excel.

Accelerate Your Engineering Career With EngineerExcel Academy Pro

Build sought-after Excel skills to effortlessly take on complex technical computations.
Accuracy and Efficiency Through VBA: Supercharge your efficiency by automating your engineering calculations, ensuring you accomplish more with high accuracy and less effort.
Develop Next-Level Excel Skills: Develop the highest-priority, next-level Excel skills needed as an engineer, enhancing your ability to handle complex calculations and streamline your workflow.

EngineerExcel Academy is a Focused System to Master Excel for Engineering

Take a Look Inside EngineerExcel Academy!

Watch the video below for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour to see what’s inside.

Unlock the Full Catalog of EngineerExcel Training

Get unlimited access to the entire EngineerExcel video course library with on-demand tutorials for every skill level.

Excel Master Class for Engineers

Engineering Analysis with VBA

Excel Master Class for Engineers

Excel Master Class for Engineers contains 8 step-by-step modules that equip you to take on engineering challenges in Excel quickly and error-free.
Having a deep familiarity with Excel’s built-in mathematical and trigonometric functions is vital for performing engineering calculations efficiently. In this module, you will learn:
Manipulating complex numbers, swiftly converting units, utilizing array formulas, and structuring readable formulas are all vital Excel skills for streamlining engineering workflows. This module will teach you:
Importing datasets quickly and cleaning messy data is crucial before performing downstream engineering analysis. In this module, you will learn:
Preventing errors and building reliability into Excel engineering tools is crucial for accurate results and workflows. This module shows you how to:
Applying numerical methods and optimization techniques directly in Excel streamlines the design and analysis process for engineers. This module allows you to:
Understanding how to model trends hidden within raw data is a vital skill for gaining insights. This module equips you to:
Expanding Excel’s capabilities by incorporating VBA custom code streamlines repetitive tasks and complex processes. This module allows you to:
Performing integral mathematics and animating engineering systems directly in Excel provides deeper insights into models. This module allows you to:

Engineering Analysis With VBA

Engineering Analysis with VBA is made up of seven distinct modules. Each one makes up a piece of the framework that you need to solve almost any engineering problem with VBA.
To begin automating engineering calculations and creating custom engineering tools with VBA, it is essential to understand the fundamentals. In this module you will learn how to:
Every field of engineering has a unique set of problems that can be solved quickly by using root-finding methods. In this module, you will be introduced to several techniques for solving equations. You’ll learn how to:
Many systems in engineering can be described by linear equations. For those systems, engineers can use linear algebra to solve the equations. This module will teach you how to:
Ensuring that designs are optimal is an important aspect of an engineer’s responsibilities. That’s why finding inputs that can maximize or minimize a result is the core focus of this module. You will learn how to:
When raw data is not enough to solve a particular problem, engineers need to be able to fill in the “gaps”. This module will teach you how to:
Being proficient at calculus is a fundamental requirement for successful engineering problem solving. Thankfully, we can let a computer do the hard work and avoid the hard work of solving these problems by hand! This module will teach you how to:
Having the ability to solve systems of ordinary differential equations opens up a world of possibilities for simulation and advanced modelling with VBA. In this module you will learn how to:
Throughout the course you will also learn essential VBA techniques for engineers such as:

Skill Up Your Own Way

With direct on-demand access to our entire course catalog, you can learn Excel at your own pace on your schedule. Fit quick tutorials in over lunch or tackle entire modules over a weekend.
All EngineerExcel Academy courses include:

Laser-focused tutorials that cut out the fluff and teach real-world applications and functions used on the job.

Micro learning video lessons designed to maximize your limited time. Absorb key Excel techniques rapidly via our structured, sequential coaching.

Synchronized cross-device learning that lets you start a course on one device and seamlessly continue on another.

Connect and Collaborate in the EngineerExcel Academy Community

Your membership in the EngineerExcel Academy includes exclusive access to our members-only community forum.
Connect daily with a friendly community of like-minded engineers. Share tips, get help solving problems, and make valuable contacts 24/7.

Exclusive Tools to Retain Skills and Build Faster

The following downloads are available to you as a member of EngineerExcel Academy:

Real-Time Mastery-Building Practice Files

Plug-and-Play Engineering VBA Code Library

Certificates of Completion to Spotlight Your New Skills

🚀 Boost your engineering career when you develop specialized, next-level Excel skills to handle complex technical calculations with ease.

Verified Reviews From EngineerExcel Graduates

Christian Andersson
Christian AnderssonProcess Engineer
Read More
"Thank you very much for an awesome course. You have really managed to fit a tremendous amount of tips, techniques, and productivity boosts into the training. I very much enjoyed it and some of the tools are true game changers and applications that I have really been wanting for a looong time. Also I think it is super-nice that almost every lessons can be applied to your work directly. Finally, great that you use applications from various fields of engineering and not just your own specialty. It makes the training accessible for both electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers. So, thank you! I will make good use of the knowledge you have shared!"
Marcus Souza de Oliveira
Marcus Souza de OliveiraEngineering Manager
Read More
I am really enjoying the course, as an Engineering Manager I have plenty of opportunities to use VBA in my daily work, but I never had the time to learn, you course is really simple, direct to the point and it is applied to engineering, so it is perfect.
Donald Maloy
Donald MaloyFounder, Maloy Aircraft
Read More
Your program was great. Precise and to the point. I found it very helpful. I did recommend the course through my LinkedIn 9,000+ followers. Wish you all the best!

Join Engineers From Top Global Companies

Meet your Instructor

Charlie Young, P.E.

Charlie Young, P.E.

Hi there, I’m Charlie Young, P.E., but you can call me Charlie. My journey with Excel started much like yours might have: with more confusion than confidence. Picture this: an entry-level engineer, armed with just basic Excel skills, doing mundane tasks that barely scratched the surface of ‘engineering’. My name? Well, that was often forgotten by the higher-ups – you know you’re making waves when your boss’s boss thinks your name is “Chad”.
But, here’s where my story takes a turn. I decided to stop waiting for someone to hand me the golden ticket and started teaching myself Excel. This wasn’t a smooth ride; think of it as piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, on a roller coaster, in the dark. But, lo and behold, through this journey of late-night tutorials and endless trial and error, my Excel skills transformed from ‘meh’ to ‘whoa’.

Fast forward a few years, and I’ve become the go-to guy for solving tough engineering problems in Excel. Patents? Got 8 of them. Awards? Check. Respect from the leadership team? Well, let’s just say the CTO doesn’t call me “Chad” anymore. In fact, he actually asks for my opinion – a real Cinderella story, right?

Now, I’m here to pass on the wizardry of Excel to fellow engineers. I’m not just talking about those boring, run-of-the-mill functions. I’m talking about the real, gritty, make-your-life-easier kind of stuff that propelled my career forward. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to add some serious firepower to your Excel arsenal, I’m here to guide you on your own journey. Let’s turn those spreadsheets into something awesome together, shall we? Join me at EngineerExcel Academy, and let’s show Excel who’s boss.

Is EngineerExcel Academy Right for You?

EngineerExcel Academy is for engineers looking to upgrade their stale Excel routines so they can work smarter, analyze better, and advance their careers.

If you’re OK getting the same old mediocre results from Excel and don’t care to learn the next-level skills that will set you apart in your engineering career, EngineerExcel Academy is probably not right for you.

EngineerExcel Academy doesn’t offer more of the same old intermediate Excel; you’ll learn advanced capabilities so you can work faster and leverage the full power of Excel for engineering with confidence.

If you’re an engineer who feels limited by basic Excel knowledge and mundane spreadsheet tasks, EngineerExcel Academy has the specialized training you need to supercharge your skills.

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Structural Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Engineering Students
Petroleum Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Environmental Engineering

What You Get When You Join EngineerExcel Academy Pro:

👉🏻 Exclusive Access to Our Comprehensive Excel Training Library

Total Real-World Value: $4910

Join EngineerExcel Academy Pro Today

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  • Community Forum
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  • VBA Code Library ($2150 value)
  • Certificates of Completion

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$ 296 Annual Membership
  • In-Depth Courses ($1594 value)
  • Community Forum
  • Practice Spreadsheets
  • VBA Code Library ($2150 value)
  • Certificates of Completion

30 Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee

When you join EngineerExcel Academy, you are fully protected by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you join and don’t feel like you are getting the value you expected, you can request a refund within the first 30 days of joining. We will promptly send you a refund without any hassles or extra hoops to jump through. You can keep any downloaded material as our free gift.

We’re confident in the results you’ll get from EngineerExcel Academy, and we stand behind it with a 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Answers to Your Questions About EngineerExcel Academy Pro

If you are an engineer using Excel for engineering calculations, the Academy will make you more efficient in Excel while helping you to reduce mistakes no matter whether you are a mechanical, civil, electrical, or any other kind of engineer. 

The courses teach concepts that are applicable to any engineer and the exercises were created using sample problems from many different engineering fields.

Academy members get access to the following:

  • Two in-depth courses: 
    • Excel Master Class for Engineers
    • Engineering Analysis with VBA
  • Community Forum
  • Before-and-After Practice Spreadsheets
  • VBA Code Library
  • Certificates of Completion

The courses are self-paced and 100% digital, so you can view the content and engage in the community 24/7.

Once the purchase process is completed, you’ll get instant access to EngineerExcel Academy and your access will continue until you cancel. 

You’ll be granted access to the members area immediately after purchase. You will be able to get started right away.

The Community Forum is a great place to ask questions and get guidance from a community of like-minded engineers!

Yes, the subscription will automatically renew and charge your payment method at the end of the billing period you have chosen (monthly or annual).

Yes, you can cancel any time with just a couple of mouse clicks.

When you cancel, you will retain access until the end of the current billing period, at which point your access will stop. You can rejoin the community at any time, but will be billed at the current monthly/annual rate at the time you rejoin.

You can request a refund within the first 30 days of joining. We will promptly send you a refund without any hassles or extra hoops to jump through.

If you still have questions before joining, you can contact us through the support form at https://engineerexcel.com/customer-support/

Get Instant Access to EngineerExcel Academy Pro

If you’re ready for the step-by-step training, advice, and support you need to quickly and accurately solve challenging engineering problems in Excel, choose a membership option below and click the button to get started.

$ 29
Monthly Membership
  • In-Depth Courses ($1594 value)
  • Community Forum
  • Practice Spreadsheets
  • VBA Code Library ($2150 value)
  • Certificates of Completion

Get 2 Months Free

$ 296 Annual Membership
  • In-Depth Courses ($1594 value)
  • Community Forum
  • Practice Spreadsheets
  • VBA Code Library ($2150 value)
  • Certificates of Completion
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