ISA Symbols Explained

Having a uniform set of documentation standard symbols is crucial for effective communication and understanding in various fields. In the field of process instrumentation and control, the International Society of Automation (ISA) has established a standardized set of symbols and identification codes that are used to represent various types of process instruments, control devices, and …

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W14x22 Beam Specifications

W14x22 is a rolled structural beam with wide flanges that is used in construction and other applications. W14x22 Beam Size and Dimensions The dimensions and specifications of this structural steel beam are below: Depth 13.74 in Width 5 in Area 6.5 in2 Weight 22 lb/ft Web Thickness 0.23 in Flange Thickness 0.34 in Area Moment …

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Hydraulic Motor Calculators

Hydraulic Motor Speed Calculator Hydraulic Motor Torque Calculator There are different types of motors depending on the energy source they utilize to generate motion. One of the most prevalent types is hydraulic motors, which convert hydraulic energy from pressurized fluids into rotational mechanical energy. This article delves into hydraulic motors, providing an in-depth understanding of …

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Flywheel Energy Calculator

Flywheels are mechanical devices that consist of a rotating heavy disk or wheel designed to store and release kinetic energy in the form of rotational motion. This ability to act as an energy reservoir has made flywheels essential in smoothing out the flow of energy across diverse machinery like reciprocating engines, wind turbines, and braking …

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Bolt Grades [with Charts]

Bolt grades are essential for ensuring that bolted joints are strong and durable enough to handle the intended load with the appropriate safety factor. These alphanumeric designations categorize bolts based on their mechanical properties, such as proof load, tensile strength, and surface hardness. Continue reading as we dive into the basics of bolt grades and …

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Pitot Tube vs Venturi Meter: Choosing the Right Device

Curious about the differences between Pitot tubes and Venturi meters? These devices are used to measure fluid flow rates in pipes or channels, but their designs, operating principles, and specific applications are notably different. This article explores the operating principles of each device, their applications and limitations, and how engineers and researchers address potential issues …

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