Moody Chart Calculator

What is a Moody Chart A Moody Chart (or Moody Diagram) is a diagram used in the calculation of pressure drop or head loss due to friction in pipe flow. More specifically, a Moody diagram is used to find the friction factor for flow in a pipe. Friction factor is plotted vs. Reynolds number and …

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C8x11.5 Channel Specifications

C8X11.5 is a rolled structural steel channel shape used in construction and other applications. C8x11.5 Channel Size and Dimensions The dimensions and specifications of C8x11.5 structural steel channel are as follows: Depth 8.00 in. Weight 11.5 lb/ft Area 3.38 in2 Flange Width 2.260 in Flange Thickness 0.390 in Web Thickness 0.220 in C8x11.5 Profile In …

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Colebrook-White Equation

The Colebrook-White Equation (or simply Colebrook Equation) is an engineering equation used to approximate the Darcy friction factor (or Darcy-Weisbach friction factor) for turbulent flow in full flowing pipes or ducts. The friction factor is required to calculate the pressure drop or head loss due to wall roughness using the Darcy Weisbach equation. where f …

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