Joint Efficiency Explained

Joint efficiency is a measurable quality that helps to assess the safety and reliability of welded joints. What is Joint Efficiency? Joint efficiency is important because a strongly welded joint is one way of reducing the allowable stress before failure of a given material. Efficiency also means the strength of the welded joint, which is …

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Torsional Stiffness

Torsional stiffness is the measure of how much radial torque force an object can withstand, or has the ability to experience without deforming. This is a central principal to both civil and mechanical engineering, and plays a key component when designing and testing structural parts or tools. Anything that is subjected to a rotational force …

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What is a Laminar Flow Wing?

One of the most important design aspects in the realm of human flight is making sure the drag experienced by a wing is limited enough to get off the ground, and efficient enough not to burn so much fuel that the cost is not worth the flight. The best way to ensure these requirements are …

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