Steady-State Flow

Steady state flow is the condition where fluid properties at any given point within the system don’t change as time passes. These properties include velocity, pressure, and temperature. One of the most considerable constant properties within the steady state flow system is the mass flow rate, which refers to a lack of accumulation of mass …

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W21x44 Beam Specifications

W21x44 is a rolled structural beam with wide flanges that is used in construction and other applications. W21x44 Beam Size and Dimensions The dimensions and specifications of this structural steel beam are below: Depth 20.70 in Width 6.50 in Area 13.0 in2 Weight 44 lb/ft Web Thickness 0.35 in Flange Thickness 0.45 in Area Moment …

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Moody Chart Calculator

What is a Moody Chart A Moody Chart (or Moody Diagram) is a diagram used in the calculation of pressure drop or head loss due to friction in pipe flow. More specifically, a Moody diagram is used to find the friction factor for flow in a pipe. Friction factor is plotted vs. Reynolds number and …

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