Yielding Moment

The yielding moment of a structural member is an important parameter that is used when determining the maximum loads that can be applied to that member. It describes the moment that will lead to material yielding of the member, which will be a moment large enough to induce plastic deformation of the member. It is …

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W8x24 Beam Specifications

W8x24 is a rolled structural beam with wide flanges that is used in construction and other applications. W8x24 Beam Size and Dimensions The dimensions and specifications of this structural steel beam are below: Depth 7.93 in Width 6.5 in Area 7.1 in2 Weight 24 lb/ft Web Thickness 0.25 in Flange Thickness 0.4 in Area Moment …

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Section Modulus of Square Tube

The section modulus of a structural member is a specific geometric property that is calculated based on the shape of the member and its cross-section. The section modulus is used to directly calculate the strength of a structural member under a compressive or tensile force. The larger the section modulus, the stronger the member is, …

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Thread Dimensions: A Complete Guide

Threads are used in a wide range of mechanical components to convert their rotational movement into a linear one, like screws, nuts, pipes, and fittings. Because they have such versatile functionality, they vary in form and dimensions. Therefore, to make their design, machining, and usage consistent and compatible across different industries and applications, various Standards …

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ASTM D3034 Explained

ASTM Standard D 3034 lays out specifications for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe and fittings used for sewer and storm drain purposes. This type of pipe connects to the outlet of a building or other structure and carries storm water or sewage to a sewer or drainage outflow. ASTM D3034 Piping meeting this standard is used …

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Pressure Ratings of PVC Pipe

Pressure ratings for PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe are based on the ability of the material to resist stress. The maximum operating pressure is dependent on nominal pipe size, thickness (schedule), service temperature, and method used to join pipe segments. PVC pipe fittings have their pressure ratings determined similarly, but frequently are different than rating of …

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Beam Deflection Calculators

Calculating the deflection of a beam applies to several structural engineering scenarios. For example, calculating the deflection of a cantilever beam can determine the forces on an aircraft wing. Beam Deflection Calculators The easiest method for determining the deflection of a beam subject to a force or moment is to use a calculator and the …

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