C8x11.5 Channel Specifications

C8X11.5 is a rolled structural steel channel shape used in construction and other applications.

C8x11.5 Channel Size and Dimensions

The dimensions and specifications of C8x11.5 structural steel channel are as follows:

Depth8.00 in.
Weight11.5 lb/ft
Area3.38 in2
Flange Width2.260 in
Flange Thickness0.390 in
Web Thickness0.220 in

C8x11.5 Profile


In addition to the information listed above, the inside flange surfaces of “C” shapes have a slight angle or slope. The nominal slope of the inside flange surfaces is 16.7% or 9.46 degrees.

C8x11.5 Weight

American standard channel forms are designated by their depth x weight. The C8x11.5 designation means that the channel weighs 11.5 pounds per foot. Therefore, a 10-foot length of C8X11.5 channel weights 115 pounds and a 20-foot section of C8X11.5 weighs 230 pounds.

C8x11.5 to Metric

The closest metric equivalent to C8x11.5 is C200x17.1, which has the following specifications:

Depth8.00 in.
Mass17.1 kg/m
Area2180 mm2
Flange Width57 mm
Flange Thickness9.9 mm
Web Thickness5.6 mm

C8x11.5 Section Properties

C8x11.5 Area Moment of Inertia

The area moment of inertia (or second moment of area) for a C8x11.5 channel about the X-axis can be calculated from the following formula:

The area moment of inertia of C8x11.5 about the X-axis is approximately 32.4 in4 (13.5×106 mm4).

C8x11.5 Section Modulus

The elastic section modulus for a C8x11.5 channel about the X-axis is calculated from the equation below:

The elastic section modulus for a C8x11.5 channel about the X-axis is approximately 8.11 in^3.

C8x11.5 Properties

The properties of C8X11.5 channel are specified by ASTM A6 “Standard Specifications for Rolled Structural Steel Bars, Plates, Shapes and Sheet Piling”

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