Compared: A307 vs. A325

Metal bolts are found in almost every steel structure today, holding our buildings, bridges, railways and so much more together. Not all bolts are created equal, however. Different bolts will serve different purposes and be more useful than others as structures are subjected to varying loads. We’ll look at a few comparisons between two very …

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Can Turbulent Flow Be Steady?

Inherently, turbulent flow will always be unsteady. It has random fluctuations in speed, kinetic energy, temperature and more, that make perfectly tracking it an impossible task. However, with that said, turbulent flow may be considered statistically steady in practice, for certain flow situations. Table of ContentsIs Turbulent Flow Steady or Unsteady?Is Turbulent Flow Stable?Reynolds Number …

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Is Hydraulic Fluid Compressible?

Hydraulic fluid, a type of oil, is not necessarily a static substance that will always react in the same way. Like most other substances, hydraulic fluids can change and shift, have impurities mixed in, and be exposed to a wide range of external temperatures and in pressures. So, while in practice and in most considerations …

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Critical Damping Ratio Explained

In a system, damping explains how quickly the system will return to a state of rest after some external force has acted upon it. For example, in control systems, the goal is often to stop a system from spinning or vibrating. The damping ratio expresses that response as a ratio between the actual damping of …

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Thermal Diffusivity Explained

Thermal diffusivity is the measure of how fast heat spreads through a given material. It is essentially how fast and effectively a material can conduct heat after considering the stored heat. There are a few ways to describe thermal diffusivity, so let’s get into them. Table of ContentsWhat Does Thermal Diffusivity Tell Us?What Does Thermal …

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Torsional Rigidity Explained

Torsional rigidity is defined as how much an object of specified material resists twisting force, also known as torque. It is based on both the material of the object, as well as its shape. Table of ContentsWhat Is Torsional Rigidity?How is Torsional Rigidity Measured?Torsional Rigidity vs Lateral RigidityWhy Is Torsional Rigidity Important?How Do You Increase …

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