Thermal Diffusivity Explained

Thermal diffusivity is the measure of how fast heat spreads through a given material. It is essentially how fast and effectively a material can conduct heat after considering the stored heat. There are a few ways to describe thermal diffusivity, so let’s get into them. ContentsWhat Does Thermal Diffusivity Tell Us?What Does Thermal Diffusivity Depend …

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Torsional Rigidity Explained

Torsional rigidity is defined as how much an object of specified material resists twisting force, also known as torque. It is based on both the material of the object, as well as its shape. ContentsWhat Is Torsional Rigidity?How is Torsional Rigidity Measured?Torsional Rigidity vs Lateral RigidityWhy Is Torsional Rigidity Important?How Do You Increase Torsional Rigidity?Drawbacks …

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Joint Efficiency Explained

Joint efficiency is a measurable quality that helps to assess the safety and reliability of welded joints. ContentsWhat is Joint Efficiency?How Do You Calculate Joint Efficiency?Joint Efficiency of Various Weld TypesButt Joint EfficiencyLap Joint EfficiencyWhat is Joint Efficiency in a Tank? What is Joint Efficiency? Joint efficiency is important because a strongly welded joint is …

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